Make the Nutrient Tracker Your Pal to Help Maintain Weight

Health is a vital element that cannot be ignored. There are different ways of maintaining it and one of them is following a correct diet plan. Taking in the proper diet is the key to preserving the health.

Maintaining weight is really vital

Being overweight or underweight also causes health issues. With the intake of proper diet, you can maintain your weight. It is really necessary to do count your calories to maintain the correct weight.

It is not difficult to find out which food contains how many calories. But to count calories every time you eat something is really cumbersome. To bring you out of this dilemma some tech savvy people have found out a good solution.

Tech base calorie-counter the best pal

They have developed apps that can count calories and lets you know how many you have consumed in that particular meal. This way you can control your intake in the next meal so that a balance is set and the total intake does not exceed the requirement of the day.

There are different nutrient trackers that you can download on your phone. Let us find a few that are Android friendly.


  • My Fitness Pal-Its database contains around 5 million foods. Daily intake can be easily input into this. Customized recipes and your food items also can be added to this. Then view the amount of macro and micro nutrients consumed. You can set your own goal and then get the nutrition that you need.
  • MyNetDiary-Using this you can track about 45 micronutrients along with the basics for the multiple meals and the snacks consumed. Using the photo taking ability, barcode scanner and flexible serving sizes it becomes easy to input your food. Then you can get advice on what food to intake and then fine tune your weight.
  • CronoMeter-This helps track the calories and then the progress of the weight gain and loss. You can get the information about the number of calories the food contains. This can help you track the reports which show your consumption of food and how much you are burning.
  • My Diet Diary-This has a beautiful interface. Using it you can track your daily calories, hydration, and exercise. You can find support from the forum through queries being answered promptly.
  • Lose It -It will be worthwhile to download this app for the ones who are goal motivated. You can set goals for different things like body fat, weight, sleep, exercise, and hydration and so on. You can track all these and make changes to the diet plan to get the optimum weight for good health.

These are just a few of the Android based apps that you can use to maintain good health and regulate your weight too. Maintaining of proper weight will lead you to lead a healthy life. Download the one which suits your diet plan the best. It will offer good advice like a good friend and pal.

Follow the Golden Rule with the Help of Technology

There is an unwritten golden rule that the wise advice everyone to follow. What is this golden rule then? That you should spend in accordance of your income that is your expense should not exceed your income.

Impossible to curb spending

Most of us do follow this but many a time we get carried away and overspend. Then at the end of the month either we need to borrow as we are short of cash even to buy some necessities.

You have tried a lot to curb such spending but you cannot make any improvement on your spending habits. This has gone on for months and now you are in debt even though your earnings are not too less.

Technology to your aid

People with lesser income than you are able to live better lives and are saving up too. So there is some flaw in your spending. For this, you need to keep track of what you are spending. Even after trying different methods, this has not been possible.

Then what is the solution for this issue at hand? The simple solution is to take the assistance of technology. Not only you but many people also face such a dilemma. These people have used some kind of software that helps them restrain their spending.

Accordingly, these can come to your aid too. Let us check what these apps are

  1. Level Money – after deducting the savings and the recurring expense from the income this app can let you know what is available for each day, week or month. It is a free app and links to your account and you cannot operate it manually. It operates on Android and iOS platforms.


  1. BillGaurd – Helps keep track of your expenses by type, location and month. Credit score access and identity protection cost $83.33 per year otherwise it is free for use. You can link it to your account. There is no manual input and available both on iOS and Android.


  1. Wally– you can track your input income and purchases on a lively graphic interface. Location tracking helps make the manual input simple. It is free to use but is not linked to your account. Working on iOS and android you manually input your data.


  1. Wallaby– credit card rewards are optimized and it lets you know which card it the best to use. It keeps track of the transactions providing a sleek list. You can know about the credit limit that you have used. This free app working on iOS and Android can be linked to your account and no manual input is allowed.


  1. Penny – helps keep a tab on your finances through an interface that is similar to a text message and lets you know about your spending habits. This free app works on Android and iOS and links to account and no manual input can be done.


  1. Mvelopes– you have the facility of account integration with this Android and iOS app which uses the envelope budgeting to let you know about your expenses and enables better debt management. This service is offered for a $95 a year. Minus this facility, you can use for free and know about how to utilize your money better.


  1. Goodbudget– the classical envelope budgeting theory is recreated and used in the digital form here. Make different categories and set a budget for each. Then you can then know how much to spend from each of these categories. You need to stop spending in case money runs out. Works on Android and iOS and allows manual input but no link to the account. It is free to use but for unlimited categories, you need to upgrade it with a payment of $45 per year.


  1. LearnVest– with a payment of $19 per month you can partner with a financial planner when using this app that works on Android and iOS. Otherwise, it is free to use. It helps categorize the transactions by the type of expenses and sets and helps track goals. You can always have net worth calculations on hand which does come in handy.

This is just a try to help you choose the best app from a list of some of the financial apps using which you can manage your finances in a better way.

Download one today and you will be surprised at the savings you make at the end of each month and also learn a lesson on how to limit yourself and stop splurging.

Movies: Just a Click Away

Entertainment is the biggest stress-buster for everyone. It can be in the form of art, music, theatre, or movies. Talking about movies, it is amusing to see how watching movies have changed in the past decade. Earlier, the only mode of watching movies used to be cinema halls. However, these days, it is just a click away. Gadgets with their advanced applications have enabled people to watch movies, TV shows and latest videos. One such very popular application is CinemaBox Movie App. It is an application which allows people to stream their favourite movies, shows, latest videos etc. anywhere anytime at their convenience.

This app has changed the way people used their gadgets as it is available on various platforms like Android and iOS. Its easy accessibility has led to its significant popularity among people of all ages. It’s gaining popularity because of many factors. Its catch is that it doesn’t need any subscription and is absolutely free. And an added benefit is that it doesn’t even have bugs and is completely malware free. Another great advantage of using this app is that its top priority is HD. That means the viewers are assured of the best video and audio quality.  Thirdly, it is user-friendly. That is, it’s simple and clear design allows the customers to use it hassle-free. The makers of this app also ensure that the app is updated on a regular basis with the latest movies, latest episodes of the TV shows and even the latest music. So, it is needless to say that customer needs and satisfaction are their main aims.

More Features

The features aren’t over yet and the list is continuing! Another catch for the customers is that it has multiple sources, which means that if one link has a problem or is loading slowly, the customers can any time choose another source or link to view the same movie, TV show etc. Hence, this, unlike the other apps gives its customers a lot of other options rather than getting them stuck with one. Moreover, it’s another best feature is that it supports movies downloads. So, we can easily download our favorite video on our mobile phones or other gadgets to view them later on the offline mode. This means this app is not only for streaming videos, movies etc. online but also allows downloading them offline and all of this is absolutely free.

Modernism and globalization has made every type of content available on internet for its every user without any filters of security. Nevertheless, this app comes with a kid zone so that parents can switch this mode on to block all the inappropriate content and can give the gadget to their kids without any worry. Its other attractive features include its support for subtitles and for chrome cast, Apple TV and Wi-Fi sharing. With the latter support, customers can directly stream their videos on the TV screens.

Cinema Box is one of the best apps which has become popular across the globe because of its many features.

Must Have Photo Apps

A great picture always tells you a story, it captures your attention and you will almost feel like you are reliving that moment. But not everyone is a good photographer. Some of us are pretty mediocre. So, what happens then? No worries, technology comes to your rescue. There are some amazing photo apps that will help you edit your photos that will seem like they were clicked by a professional photographer.

Best photo apps:

  1. Halide

If you are someone who loves the ease that mobile photography provides and       yet miss your DSLR then Halide is for you. Developed by Chroma Noir, this app is a boon for all amateur photographers. The working of the app is very simple, you just point and click but when you try editing, they have incredible options. Halide also provides a live histogram to help you achieve the right exposure.

Platform – iOS

Price – $ 2.99


  1. Google Photoscan

This photo app developed by Google gives new life to your old photos. And by old photographs we mean the printed ones. The shelf life of these photographs is not very long and to scan and store each photo on your computer is definitely exhausting. So, now will the help of the google photoscan, you will never misplace any wonderful memories. With this app, you will be able to scan the photos in mere seconds without any glares or shadows.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free


  1. Pixlr

Developed by Autodesk Inc, this app has an incredible number of filters, effects and overlays. This app will not only make your photos look great, but it has the ability to keep you hooked and busy for hours. This app basically has everything what one needs while editing their photos. From text captions to a collage maker, this app is a must have. A new version of this app has added features like autofix and auto contrast and did we tell you? This app is free.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free


  1. Qwik

Developed by Guillaume Babusiaux, this app boosts on being the fastest and easiest way to beautify your photographs. This app comes equipped with about 600 filters and very many fonts and frames and you will be able to edit your pictures in seconds with user-friendly tools. Okay, so what more can one ask in a photo edit app? If you are a photo junkie, you know you need this.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free

Best Android Apps for Golfers

The best and the engaging Android apps make us forget the outer world and keeps us busy with the apps. There are apps which are informative and as well as entertaining, like the best Android apps for golfers.

The Golf is a sport which is practiced and loved all over the world. The Golf like any other sports involves a lot of absorption in the sport with centralized attention and accuracy. The apps for golfers makes a golf sports enthusiast to increase his or her proficiency in the sport. 

The best Android apps for golfers are:

Golf GPS & Scorecard”:  This is one of the best golf app being used. It has a strong GPS service enabled, which can track all the golf courses available in your vicinity. And the scorecard service available in the app helps a player to keep a record of the scores. The app incurs the cost for downloading it on your smartphone or other mobile devices with a full-fledged internet connection.

Primary highlights of the app are:

  1. The graphs produced help you determine how well you are with the sport.
  2. It is compatible with all the golf courses all over the world.
  3. If you are a novice to the sport, then the app helps you become a proficient one with its features be displaying the speed of the wind distance and elevation to reach a golf hole and also recommends the golf club to use for a particular wind, distance and elevation.

    Golf GPS Range Finder Free”:
    This app is simple and has an easy interface for the users to get used to it. Hence, you can play the game with ease and satisfaction. It has all the major golf courses listed and also updates the new golf courses in every now and then.

      Primary highlights of the app are:

  1. The interface is simple and soothing.
  2. It also has a scorecard service which helps to keep a track of the                           Sport.

The Masters Golf Tournament”: This app is the authoritative app for the Master’s Golf Tournament. Hence, it has all the information which is authentic about the tournament. The app provides live streaming of the tournament and one can enjoy the sport at home or at the office. The passion for the sport becomes stronger with this app. The app uses a strong interface and is friendly with mobile users.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer”: This app is a beloved one for the novice players of the sport. The app acts as a good tutor, it corrects and helps to improve yourself with the sport.

Primary highlights of the app are:

  1. The interface is straightforward and displays the scores in big fonts to go in hand with all kinds of users.
  1. It also helps to keep a history of your game. The app later compares your game with the professional golfers in a 3D video format. This enables you to improve your skills.

V1 Golf”: This app helps you analyze how the professional and amateur golfers play. This app gives the facility to download the videos of the proficient golfers. The app allows you to download the swings of the bigwigs of the sport. It also has a feature to upload your own videos of the golfing. After uploading your video; you can analyze the best swing in comparison with the bigwigs of the sport and later edit to meet the perfect swing.

“Golfshot – Golf GPS + Tee Times”: This app is the best for tablets and a mismatch for smartphones due to its comparatively small screen. It has a strong GPS coverage and covers almost 40,000 golf courses all over the world. The scorecard facility avails sharing with the fellow golfers and it helps you to improve and fine tune your golfing skills.

Golf Channel Mobile”: The app provides golfing videos from the proficient players. It has a straightforward interface. This app also avails tutoring facility for the newbie players.

Golfing is the treasured sport and is passionately followed during summer. And as we head towards summer, some of the above listed best android apps for golfers will definitely be of good help for the novice players and also for the sports enthusiasts.