Best Android Apps for Golfers

The best and the engaging Android apps make us forget the outer world and keeps us busy with the apps. There are apps which are informative and as well as entertaining, like the best Android apps for golfers.

The Golf is a sport which is practiced and loved all over the world. The Golf like any other sports involves a lot of absorption in the sport with centralized attention and accuracy. The apps for golfers makes a golf sports enthusiast to increase his or her proficiency in the sport. 

The best Android apps for golfers are:

Golf GPS & Scorecard”:  This is one of the best golf app being used. It has a strong GPS service enabled, which can track all the golf courses available in your vicinity. And the scorecard service available in the app helps a player to keep a record of the scores. The app incurs the cost for downloading it on your smartphone or other mobile devices with a full-fledged internet connection.

Primary highlights of the app are:

  1. The graphs produced help you determine how well you are with the sport.
  2. It is compatible with all the golf courses all over the world.
  3. If you are a novice to the sport, then the app helps you become a proficient one with its features be displaying the speed of the wind distance and elevation to reach a golf hole and also recommends the golf club to use for a particular wind, distance and elevation.

    Golf GPS Range Finder Free”:
    This app is simple and has an easy interface for the users to get used to it. Hence, you can play the game with ease and satisfaction. It has all the major golf courses listed and also updates the new golf courses in every now and then.

      Primary highlights of the app are:

  1. The interface is simple and soothing.
  2. It also has a scorecard service which helps to keep a track of the                           Sport.

The Masters Golf Tournament”: This app is the authoritative app for the Master’s Golf Tournament. Hence, it has all the information which is authentic about the tournament. The app provides live streaming of the tournament and one can enjoy the sport at home or at the office. The passion for the sport becomes stronger with this app. The app uses a strong interface and is friendly with mobile users.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer”: This app is a beloved one for the novice players of the sport. The app acts as a good tutor, it corrects and helps to improve yourself with the sport.

Primary highlights of the app are:

  1. The interface is straightforward and displays the scores in big fonts to go in hand with all kinds of users.
  1. It also helps to keep a history of your game. The app later compares your game with the professional golfers in a 3D video format. This enables you to improve your skills.

V1 Golf”: This app helps you analyze how the professional and amateur golfers play. This app gives the facility to download the videos of the proficient golfers. The app allows you to download the swings of the bigwigs of the sport. It also has a feature to upload your own videos of the golfing. After uploading your video; you can analyze the best swing in comparison with the bigwigs of the sport and later edit to meet the perfect swing.

“Golfshot – Golf GPS + Tee Times”: This app is the best for tablets and a mismatch for smartphones due to its comparatively small screen. It has a strong GPS coverage and covers almost 40,000 golf courses all over the world. The scorecard facility avails sharing with the fellow golfers and it helps you to improve and fine tune your golfing skills.

Golf Channel Mobile”: The app provides golfing videos from the proficient players. It has a straightforward interface. This app also avails tutoring facility for the newbie players.

Golfing is the treasured sport and is passionately followed during summer. And as we head towards summer, some of the above listed best android apps for golfers will definitely be of good help for the novice players and also for the sports enthusiasts.


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