Make the Nutrient Tracker Your Pal to Help Maintain Weight

Health is a vital element that cannot be ignored. There are different ways of maintaining it and one of them is following a correct diet plan. Taking in the proper diet is the key to preserving the health.

Maintaining weight is really vital

Being overweight or underweight also causes health issues. With the intake of proper diet, you can maintain your weight. It is really necessary to do count your calories to maintain the correct weight.

It is not difficult to find out which food contains how many calories. But to count calories every time you eat something is really cumbersome. To bring you out of this dilemma some tech savvy people have found out a good solution.

Tech base calorie-counter the best pal

They have developed apps that can count calories and lets you know how many you have consumed in that particular meal. This way you can control your intake in the next meal so that a balance is set and the total intake does not exceed the requirement of the day.

There are different nutrient trackers that you can download on your phone. Let us find a few that are Android friendly.


  • My Fitness Pal-Its database contains around 5 million foods. Daily intake can be easily input into this. Customized recipes and your food items also can be added to this. Then view the amount of macro and micro nutrients consumed. You can set your own goal and then get the nutrition that you need.
  • MyNetDiary-Using this you can track about 45 micronutrients along with the basics for the multiple meals and the snacks consumed. Using the photo taking ability, barcode scanner and flexible serving sizes it becomes easy to input your food. Then you can get advice on what food to intake and then fine tune your weight.
  • CronoMeter-This helps track the calories and then the progress of the weight gain and loss. You can get the information about the number of calories the food contains. This can help you track the reports which show your consumption of food and how much you are burning.
  • My Diet Diary-This has a beautiful interface. Using it you can track your daily calories, hydration, and exercise. You can find support from the forum through queries being answered promptly.
  • Lose It -It will be worthwhile to download this app for the ones who are goal motivated. You can set goals for different things like body fat, weight, sleep, exercise, and hydration and so on. You can track all these and make changes to the diet plan to get the optimum weight for good health.

These are just a few of the Android based apps that you can use to maintain good health and regulate your weight too. Maintaining of proper weight will lead you to lead a healthy life. Download the one which suits your diet plan the best. It will offer good advice like a good friend and pal.

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