Must Have Photo Apps

A great picture always tells you a story, it captures your attention and you will almost feel like you are reliving that moment. But not everyone is a good photographer. Some of us are pretty mediocre. So, what happens then? No worries, technology comes to your rescue. There are some amazing photo apps that will help you edit your photos that will seem like they were clicked by a professional photographer.

Best photo apps:

  1. Halide

If you are someone who loves the ease that mobile photography provides and       yet miss your DSLR then Halide is for you. Developed by Chroma Noir, this app is a boon for all amateur photographers. The working of the app is very simple, you just point and click but when you try editing, they have incredible options. Halide also provides a live histogram to help you achieve the right exposure.

Platform – iOS

Price – $ 2.99


  1. Google Photoscan

This photo app developed by Google gives new life to your old photos. And by old photographs we mean the printed ones. The shelf life of these photographs is not very long and to scan and store each photo on your computer is definitely exhausting. So, now will the help of the google photoscan, you will never misplace any wonderful memories. With this app, you will be able to scan the photos in mere seconds without any glares or shadows.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free


  1. Pixlr

Developed by Autodesk Inc, this app has an incredible number of filters, effects and overlays. This app will not only make your photos look great, but it has the ability to keep you hooked and busy for hours. This app basically has everything what one needs while editing their photos. From text captions to a collage maker, this app is a must have. A new version of this app has added features like autofix and auto contrast and did we tell you? This app is free.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free


  1. Qwik

Developed by Guillaume Babusiaux, this app boosts on being the fastest and easiest way to beautify your photographs. This app comes equipped with about 600 filters and very many fonts and frames and you will be able to edit your pictures in seconds with user-friendly tools. Okay, so what more can one ask in a photo edit app? If you are a photo junkie, you know you need this.

Platform – iOS/Android

Price – Free

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